Are you ready for simple, intuitive and very explosive multiplayer battles? You’ve definitely found the right game for you!


Crown Battles Brawl Game Cover

After 15 months of development, we finally have a release date for Crown Battles game, 16 March 2019 (soft launch, we will be adding more countries each day). Crown Battles is a real-time multiplayer where players fight each other in 3vs3 action. In the first version, will have two game modes, Capture the Crown and Team Deathmatch.

The only requirement of the game is a network connection and an Android device. In addition, we will offer you tons of goodies, in other words, free chests, free heroes, gems and a lot of coins that will help you grinding in the game.

In this version the game will be present portrait mode, the landscape mode depends on how the majority of players preference, and above all, we will be listening to our fanbase.

Finally, we hope to make everybody happy with the game and after the release, we will continue to support by adding new and awesome content.

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