Privacy Policy of Dodge Bomb game

Updated on 01/09/2019

At LoadingPix's Dodge Bomb Game, we collect and manage user data according to the following Privacy Policy.


We collect and create a account via Google Play Games Service. When users connect in our games via Google Play Game Services (OAuth System), we collect nickname, Play Games avatar, user country and a unique id. It helps use to create a good login system (with your Google account you can continue your game progress in any device) and a rich matchmaking system. We do not collect any type of personal sensitive information.

Automated Data Collection

Advertising and social media partners who use automacic information, this enables them to collect and analyse user and device related data and information. These partners are listed below:

Unity Technologies,

Google Admob,

Google Play Game Services,

Session Data

We only use the collected information (Accounts) to create a login data in our backend server, with this system is the only way to store/restore the progress of the game, Dodge Bomb. (login system in the game, this only aplies to users who create an account. This is a way to help users create a restore point everytime they start on a new device for example.)

We only use this information to show personalized advertisements. (Users on EU region, ads are non-personalized advertisements per default, only with acepting the GDPR consent the personalized advertisements are active).

Sharing of Data

We don't share your information that we store on our backend server with third parties.


For European players, they will be asked to accept or refuse sharing any personal data. Some user data for as long as it is justifiable and necessary to provide the services. The request by the user for the total removal of their personal data may only be effected after safeguarding the legitimate interests of LoadingPix.


The game is not intended for children under the age of 13 or 16 in EU Region. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information via the game from players in this age group.


Users can contact via for any subject matter about the user data and this policy.